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Why is Bovada the best Online Sportsbook?

A lot of people have been asking me personally why Bovada is still the best online bookmaker according to our sportsbook reviews, so I'm writing this article to explain why. Bovada not only provides betting entertainment to the general public, it is the internet's top oddsmaker as well in that they provide reliable data and other information in terms of betting odds to ESPNCBS SportsSports Illustrated and many other of the world's most trusted sports media entities to include in their various articles and reports. Bovada has an incredibly sound reputation in terms of being an online sportsbook and is rated as number one by many individuals and sports companies alike. In this article, I will be revealing many details as to why Bovada is still rated as the number one online sportsbook overall.
Bovada is rated as the best online sportsbook because of a number of factors and many of its features. Here are several of the most important reasons.
•             History: The one thing only time can provide. Not many of today's online sportsbooks can claim the history that Bovada can. Clean, long running operational history is the very first factor we consider when rating online sportsbooks. Bovada itself was founded in 2011. However, the company is truly the transformed gambling brand of Bodog which was founded in 1994 by a Canadian Billionaire, Calvin Ayre. Bodog was then officially founded as an only gambling entity in 2000. However, 2006 produced the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in the United States. This new law, endorsed by President George W Bush, created some legal issues for Bodog and most of the other online sportsbooks of the time. Ayre decided to "sell" to a Canadian tribal company (with more legal standing), the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group. From there, the Bodog.com gambling site has been transformed to Bovada.LV with some intelligent legal maneuvering. Despite the legal ramifications, both Bodog and Bovada have a nearly perfect track record of paying out their winning players. 
•             Money Depositing Process: Bovada makes it incredible for users to get money into their betting account. It utilizes credit card payments through Visa/MasterCard, rapid transfer and money transfer. This process makes it very easy for users to deposit money into their online accounts. Their minimum deposit is also just $20, which is much lower than most other sportsbooks. This enables them to have a far greater client base than their competitors.
•             User Interface: Another reason why Bovada is rated as the best online sportsbook by users and companies seeking betting information is their user/betting interface. They make every process incredibly simple, with users requiring little outside information to clearly understand what they are doing. Its interface is user friendly and intuitive, which makes it a complete delight for anyone using the website. When thinking of games to bet on, the interface makes it easy for users to view and select the games of their choice. They also have a very advanced and ‘easy to understand’ betslip that makes the whole betting process very simple.
•             Mobile Betting: This is another reason why Bovada is considered to be the best sportsbook on the market. Most users like to access sportsbooks on the go through their mobile devices. The mobile betting platform makes it extremely easy for smartphone users to place bets online whilst on the move.
•             Payouts: This is an aspect that most users like to scrutinize when it comes to sportsbooks. Bovada makes pay outs quickly and does not give its uses the chance to doubt their integrity. After all, who wants to bet online with a site that might not even payout if they win? Bovada makes payments through money transfer, rapid transfer, bitcoin and many other payout methods including mailing physical checks via couriers - usually Fedex. This gives users a wide range of options when selecting which payout medium they would prefer.
•             Other Gambling Oppurtunities: Bovada also includes other options for players who want a break from their regular gambling of choice, sports betting. Bovada provides a full gambling service with every platform imaginable, through their online casinos, poker rooms and a racebook.


Bovada has grown to be one of the most trusted sportsbooks by individuals and corporate organisations. This is the reason why many players (myself include), top sports broadcasters like ESPN, CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated make use of their betting odds and information. Bovada doesn't have the highest max betting, like you will find at 5Dimes, GTbets and Betonline. In all honesty this can be a good thing for some people, and you can always contact the bookmaker to ask them to raise your limits. You will also find that most of the other sportsbooks online offer bigger welcome bonuses. Well, there is a reason that Bovada doesn't need to offer ridiculous deposit bonuses to new players in order to lure them in. Bovada's name stands for itself. Do you want quality or quantity?
<![CDATA[Get Familiar with Bitcoin]]>Mon, 14 Mar 2016 15:26:14 GMThttp://betting411.com/sports-betting-articles/get-familiar-with-bitcoinWhat, exactly, is Bitcoin? Picture
​If you've spent any time on the Internet within the past few years, you have probably heard at least a veiled reference to Bitcoin. Perhaps you've even attempted to research it, and gave up because it seemed too complicated. So what is Bitcoin, exactly, for all those who are currently uninitiated on the topic?
Bitcoin was invented, and is used, as a form of digital currency. It is held through electronic means and created through electronic means. There is no central control over Bitcoin and the currency cannot be printed out like other forms of money.
Bitcoin is produced by the people, for the people, in all regions of the world. Bitcoin is also considered to be the first and most prominent example of "cryptocurrency", a monetary category that is experiencing continuous growth, with no end in sight.
It is different from most forms of conventional currency because it can be used electronically, without ever being able to be touched in a tangible sense by the consumer. It is decentralized, which means that no single institution wields any form of control over its usage. For those who do not wish to allow banking institution to control their money, this comes as a major relief.
One of the greatest benefits to using Bitcoin as currency is that there is no chance of anything, or anybody, creating unlimited Bitcoins. Only 21 million can be created by each individual miner. The Bitcoins can then be divided into much smaller parts, and the smallest unit of bitcoin currency is the one hundred millionth.
Naturally, the next most important question that needs to be answered about Bitcoin is a simple one...

Is Bitcoin a good investment?

Professional sports bettors consider themselves investors. Naturally, even outside of betting on sports, a professional gambler will be constantly pursuing profitable options of investing. Gold, stocks, collectibles, property - different investors invest in different platforms (or all of the above). Hence, many sports bettors in recent years have been pursuing answers to the question, "is Bitcoin, itself, a good investment?" The answer is yes, and for a multitude of different reasons.
Because of the aforementioned cap on the number of coins that be created with the use of Bitcoin, it makes for a great investment, due to the scarcity. In this sense, Bitcoin compares favorably to gold, which is also a commonly touted "safe" investment because of its scarcity. Bitcoin is also far more likely to be lost or misplaced because of forgotten passwords and the abandonment of nearly empty online wallets. This increases scarcity and makes for an even safer investment.
Easy Access
Unlike other forms of investment that tie your money up and make it difficult to access, Bitcoin is able to be accessed quickly, at any time that works for you. Other investments will keep your money locked away, in a place that cannot be reached on a consistent daily basis. Bitcoin, on the other hand, can be used to make a variety of mundane daily purchases, allowing you to make your next trip to the supermarket a breeze.
Bitcoin is actually safer than banks in many ways. Investing in Bitcoin provides you with a valuable hedge about inevitable banking crises. Keeping your money in the bank used to be regarded as one of the safest possible places, but we have learned in recent years that this simply is not true. Best of all, Bitcoin investment is open to all, not just those who are accredited investors, lending a truly democratic feel to the proceedings. Clients who live in countries with checkered banking histories readily enjoy the level of unprecedented safety that Bitcoin provides.

Why is Bitcoin a good form of payment for online gambling?

Those who bet online with Bitcoin reap a number of benefits. Bitcoin has become a preferred form of payment for online betting, due to the following factors:
Quick and Easy
In many instances, gamblers who bet online with Bitcoin are able to enjoy transactions that are 100 percent free and take place in a rapid manner. When you need to place a bet quickly, you do not always have time to deal with all of the extra headaches that come with traditional gambling methods. For quick and easy bet placement, Bitcoin definitely fits the bill.
The majority of Bitcoin enabled casinos will not ask for a transaction fee, greatly reduced the total amount spent by online gamblers over the long haul. If a fee is levied, it is typically very small and kept under 1 percent. Other gambling outlets rely on these fees and bank on their customers refusing to cash out so that they can avoid them.
Increased Navigational Abilities
Let's say you are investigating one sportsbook and are ready to place a bet, when you suddenly find a much better offer on a different one that is only valid for a certain period of time. With traditional payment methods, easy navigation between sportsbooks is not available to you. With Bitcoin, you can move from one sportsbook to another, at the drop of a hat.
Faster Payouts
While there is usually no such thing as an instant payout, Bitcoin casinos are known for their ability to provide a much quicker payout than their traditional counterparts. If the withdrawal has been properly verified, you can have the money wired into your e-wallet within 24 hours of victory. In certain instances, these transactions can even be completed within an hour.
Fair Betting
Face it: most of us have felt cheated at some point during an online gambling session. But Bitcoin casinos have adopted a model that is based on provably fair play. These casinos publish their algorithms, which can be examined by the player, so that they can easily determine whether they have been cheated or not.
Bitcoin is the wave of the future and before long, more and more people are going to be using it for a variety of daily functions. In the meantime, it is a quality investment and a great way for gamblers to make gaming simple. Those who bet online with Bitcoin are able to experience a myriad of benefits. 
<![CDATA[March Madness Betting: 7 Tips For Handicapping NCAA's Basketball Tournament]]>Thu, 03 Mar 2016 15:22:19 GMThttp://betting411.com/sports-betting-articles/march-madness-betting-7-tips-for-handicapping-ncaas-basketball-tournamentNCAA College Basketball March Madness Betting 411
March Madness Basketball betting is something that many people get involved in, and the interest is rapidly growing. Even people who don’t typically watch basketball at all are suddenly getting addicted to what is going on in the NCAA. Did you know that March Madness is third largest bet-on sporting event in the world? You've probably heard that this years' Super Bowl betting claimed record numbers (and is still tops in North America). You may or may not be aware that the World Cup that claims the most sports betting money in the world. Those are the only two sporting events that pull more money out of gamblers' pockets than March Madness. You can bet that Las Vegas bookmakers, and your favorite online sportsbooks, are drooling at the scent of more money with all of the college basketball gambling that will be placed shortly. Here are some tips to help you with handicapping the NCAA Tournament throughout the process.

1. Money Management
One of the most important things to remember is that March Madness (and all sports betting for that matter) is not a Sprint, rather a marathon. Consider it more like a medium-to-long-term investment. It is better to win a little bit each day throughout the tournament so that you can experience a positive number at the end of the tournament. You don’t want to get into the habit of doubling down when you lose; and you shouldn't attempt to parlay your winnings. Also, do not wager more than your bankroll can afford. A patient, disciplined sport betting investor lays a maximum of 5% of their bankroll on any single event - and that's only once in awhile. So if you can manage to have a $1,000 bankroll, you shouldn't think of winning anywhere close to that in one day; you should have your eyes set on perhaps $100-$200 per week. 
2. Choose Defense
It is critical to remember that, just like in the NFL, defense wins college basketball games around this time of year. The defense is played at high levels when there is elimination on the line. Defenses are generally going to leave it all on the floor, while offensive pace in tournament play is generally a bit slower. This means teams that teams with good defensive numbers can be a solid bet, especially when if they're listed as the underdog.
3. Home Court Advantage
Many bettors like to call home court advantage a myth, because no school ever actually gets to play on their own basketball court during March Madness (except for the Dayton Flyers in 2015). The reality is that the two teams in each game do have to play somewhere, and the team that is playing closest to home is generally going have the most amount of fans backing them from the seats. The fans do not have to travel the same distance, nor do the schools. Simply due to comfort on both levels, it often results in a winning bet for the "home" team.
4. Recent Play
When you are looking to handicap any kind of March madness tournament action, look for the hot teams that finished the season strong. Get rid of the teams that started to fall apart at the end of the season. Don’t worry about what seed the teams are listed as. Instead, look at those that are going into the tournament strong as opposed to those who just barely limped in.
5. Fade The Public Favorites
You need to realize that some of the high profile favorites are often poor choices because the oddsmakers overvalue them in the early rounds. When bookmakers know that a favorite is going to be heavily wagered on, they're going to inflate the spread a bit to acquire closer to even money on both sides. Look at some of the minor and mid-major conference teams that you think will have a shot early in the season and research them extensively so that you know exactly what needs to be done when the brackets come out.
6. Check Your Bias at the Door
It’s very easy to be bias towards certain teams because they are close to where you live, they are your alma mater, or they have been your least favorite team for years. Many people throw their money away because of falling into this trap, so it is best to leave them alone whenever possible. Don't let pride get the best of you, or your bankroll. If you have a favorite College Basketball Team, refrain from betting on them. If there is a College Basketball Team that you hate with all your heart, refrain from betting on them.
7. Be Selective
The reality is that you don’t have to put money on every game. Even though it sounds like a lot of fun, it is not a great betting strategy. Instead, wager some on some games, more on other games, and pass on a few as well. Don't be greedy. Bet on the games you see true value on. Gambling on College Basketball, to some people, is a rush and can be highly addictive. If you find yourself obsessing uncontrollably, and betting on every single game, at the very least consult with a trustworthy friend or family member. Making money by betting on March Madness should be fun. Discipline is often the difference between winning and losing. Sometimes the greatest bet a gambler can ever make is the one he never placed.
<![CDATA[NFL Futures: Free Super Bowl 50 Pick]]>Wed, 20 Jan 2016 19:27:22 GMThttp://betting411.com/sports-betting-articles/nfl-futures-free-super-bowl-50-pickSuper Bowl 50 Prediction by Nicky Parola Super Bowl 50 PicksWho will win Super Bowl 50?
With the NFL Divisional Playoffs over and done with, we're left with just four possible winners of the 2015 Vince Lombardi Trophy: Arizona, Carolina, Denver, or New England.

On Saturday, the New England Patriots rolled right over the Kansas City Chiefs in Foxborough, while the Arizona Cardinals squeaked out an overtime victory over the Green Bay Packers at Phoenix Stadium. The next day, the Carolina Panthers would survive a second half surge in their own backyard from the Seattle Seahawks (who were blanked in the first half). Sunday afternoon, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos overcame a second-half deficit against the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers.

What's interesting from the results of this weekend's action to me is that the two teams that did not deserve to still be in the playoffs were eliminated. The previous weekend, during the NFL Wildcard Playoffs, Seattle advance simply on a missed field goal by Minnesota Viking's kicker, Blair Walsh. The field goal attempt was an easy 27-yard chip shot, and 99 times out of a hundred Walsh would make that kick. The day before, Pittsburgh advanced out of Cincinnati simply because the Bengals shot themselves in the foot, several times, with just 96 seconds left in the game and a one point lead.

Let's take a look at the four teams that remain in the hunt.

New England Patriots

The 2014 Vince Lombardi Trophy Winners are back again. The Patriots are seeking their seventh Super Bowl appearance in the Tom Brady era. They've won 4 of their 6 trips to the Super Bowl since Bill Belichick and Tom Brady arrived. Don't underestimate the motivation of Belichick's pursuit of the record for most Super Bowl victories as a head coach. He is currently tied at four with Chuck Noll. The New England Patriots looked unbeatable earlier in the season, but scores of injuries from offensive line to wide receivers had diminished their offensive power in the second half of the 2015 regular season. After a 10-0 start, he Patriots won just 2 of their last 6 games to finish at 12-4 - still good enough to conquer the AFC East and the 2nd overall seed entering the playoffs.

Carolina Panthers

When you have the number 1 scoring offense in the NFL (31.6 PPG), and you combine it with the 6th ranked defense overall (322.9 Yards/Game), you get a team that is nearly unbeatable. The Carolina Panthers are 16-1 entering the NFC Championship Game - a game they get to host. They could just as easily be still undefeated with a 17-0 record if they hadn't run into a hot Matt Ryan in Atlanta on December 27th. Ryan threw for a season high best 76.7% completion rate while getting 10.2 yards per attempt. One thing I observed that was different in that game than the rest of Carolina's games this season, was the lack of turnovers on either side of the ball. The Panthers were remarkably successful in the turnover department with a +20 differential in 2015. The second closest in that department was the Kansas City Chiefs, who finished with a +14 turnover differential. Without such fortunes, one could question what the overall record of this team would be. Nonetheless, Carolina did remain undefeated on their home turf, where they are now 9-0 (8-0 Regular Season, 1-0 Postseason).

Arizona Cardinals

The number 1 ranked offensive team, with 408.3 overall yards per game, averaged over 30 points per game this year. Bruce Arians claims that Arizona Quarterback, Carson Palmer, is "the best quarterback in the NFL." He may have some validity to that statement. Palmer finished the 2015 regular season with a 104.6 passer rating, which was 3rd best in the league. He also earned his first postseason victory against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on Saturday. Two months ago, Pro Football Focus had Palmer rated as the number 1 quarterback in the NFL as well, citing that Palmer was putting up slightly better numbers than Tom Brady at the time, despite the fact that he was getting pressured on over 43% of his drop-backs (3rd most in the league). Arizona's Defense is nothing to take for granted either, finishing 5th best overall by allowing just 321.7 yards per game to opposing offenses.

Denver Broncos

With or without a top-rated quarterback, the Broncos Defense alone is a force to contend with. The Peyton vs Brady saga can be put to rest due to the fact that Manning's mechanics are obviously in decline, but the old adage, "defense wins championships" will be put to the test once again. Denver's Defense finished tops in the NFL, allowing opponents just 283.1 offensive yards per game overall. They ranked number 1 against the pass, and number 3 against the run. How valuable was that defensive performance of the Denver Broncos this year? They carried an offense that ranked just 16th in overall yards per game, and 19th in points scored per game, to a solid 12-4 record and the number 1 seed in the AFC. Hence, they are playing at home in the AFC Championship when they face New England. Don't forget the Patriots visited the Mile High earlier this year and suffered their first defeat of the season.

AFC Championship Game Prediction

Despite the fact that Peyton Manning will be under center in this game, don't count the Broncos out just because they're playing Tom Brady and the Patriots. The Patriots are a dangerous team, even with their current injury numbers. Tom Brady is always a threat, and Bill Belichick should be highly motivated with a Super Bowl record within his sights. That could play in his favor, or against him if he's caught "looking ahead." Denver will have home field advantage, and they did beat the Patriots at Mile-High earlier in the regular season.

The Patriots candidly defeated the Chiefs last week, while the Broncos somewhat skated by the Steelers to get here. The Chiefs were attention-getters at the betting windows, entering the NFL Playoffs on a 10 game winning streak. However it could be easily argued that Kansas City had such success against one of the softest schedules in the NFL. Now with the apparently easy victory, it's the Patriots that are getting attention from football bettors. It's easily overlookable to the betting public that New England is still undermanned due to injury depletion, and that they won with such ease with the luxury of playing on their home turf - where they are nearly perfect over the past 15+ years.

Denver was the most heavily bet on public team in the Divisional Playoffs last weekend and, depending on the spread, they pushed or lost at the betting window. That bitters the taste of gamblers, and now the public perception of this game sees an injured Peyton Manning that appears to be nothing but a shell of his old self. But it's not the passing game that I'm counting on to predict the winner in this one. With Denver's powerful defense, and home field advantage, all I demand of the Broncos is good ball control and clock management for my play; and I don't expect them to disappoint. They ran for 179 yards in the regular season meeting, and that was the most rushing yards allowed all season by the New England Patriots. 

The Patriots are way more susceptible when playing away from home. Three of their four losses came on the road, where they are also just 1-5 against the spread in their last six. The Patriots are 1-5 in their last six visits to Mile High Stadium, and 1-5 against the numbers in their last six Conference Championship Games. Surprisingly, with Tom Brady, the Patriots are also 0-2 in their two playoff games at Mile High.

The Denver Broncos are in great shape health-wise, except for Peyton Manning who is now somewhat human. They are also 8-3-1 against the spread after losing money for their backers. This line is clearly an overreaction to Manning's condition, and last weeks' results. These two teams have been performing with opposite results when playing a good team; the Patriots are 1-4-2 at the window in their last seven such games, while the Broncos are 3-1-1 against the line in their last five.

My pick to win the AFC Championship Game:
8 Units Denver Broncos +3.5 at Topbet Sportsbook

NFC Championship Prediction

All the square talk at the sports betting windows this week will be on Cam Newton, the fact that the Carolina Panthers nearly went undefeated this season, and the fact that they were perfect at home, while the Arizona Cardinals have a washed up Carson Palmer, and injured Chris Johnson, and the fact that they needed overtime to beat the Packers last week.

Not so fast. The Arizona Cardinals went 7-1 on the road in 2015, losing only to the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field all the way back in Week 6. Carolina was undefeated at Bank of America Stadium and there was plenty of chatter regarding Cam Newton and the MVP honors. But the less talked about quarterback in this matchup, Carson Palmer, finished with a 104.6 QBR in the regular season while averaging 292 passing yards per game.. Cam Newton finished 8th in the NFL with a 99.4 QBR in the regular season, while averaging a 240 yards per game. Newton is an excellent quarterback, with plenty of upside as well, but he's not this years' MVP.

Comparing the two NFC Teams, one glaring aspect that stands out to me is their strength of schedules. So I did some research. According to Prediction Machine, which emulates nearly every NFL statistic imaginable, the Carolina Panthers had the 2nd softest schedule in the NFL. The only team with an easier schedule was the Atlanta Falcons at #32. The Arizona Cardinals had the 16th toughest schedule, right around the NFL average. 

Looking into injuries on both sides, Carolina has a couple of notable marks as well. Jonathan Stewart is listed as "probable" for the Panthers, but will be nursing a sore ankle - not good for a running back. It was Stewart's big game against the Seahawks last week that has Carolina here in the first place. Greg Olsen is also listed as "probable" but will be a little sore from a stinger sustained last weekend against the Seahawks. But the key injury for this matchup will be the loss of Jared Allen, Carolina's star Defensive End. Allen is a force to be reckoned on the defensive line. Arizona's weakness has been pressure allowed on quarterback, Carson Palmer. If Palmer won't be getting as much pressure with Allen "doubtful" for Sunday's game, the Cardinals have a great shot at winning this game outright. Arizona has no new notable injuries to report.

As I mentioned before, Carolina has been very fortunate in the turnover margin this year. But they are facing a team that's also been pretty successful in the turnover department. The Arizona Cardinals finished 4th in the NFL with a +9 turnover differential. They had 33 takeaways (19 interceptions and 14 fumbles recovered), to go along with 24 giveaways. It's the interceptions that could be a problem for the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton has been prone to throw interceptions in playoff games. He has a win under his belt in this years' Playoffs, but makes him just 2-2 straight-up lifetime. Because it's in Carolina, this game can bounce either way. But my lean is on the Cardinals, slightly, to win this game outright. They are the better overall team, despite the records, and in slightly better health. So I'll be backing them with the additional field-goal being offered by oddsmakers. 

My pick to win the NFC Championship Game:
Not as strong as my Denver Bet, But I have 4 Units on the Arizona Cardinals +3 (-102) at 5Dimes Sportsbook

Super Bowl 50 Prediction

Ok, so we know, this analysis is presuming that both underdogs won their respective Conference Championship Games. If so, I am already up 14*! Even if one of the dogs failed to win, yet covered the spread, I am still up big. So the wagers I place on the two futures bets are going to be a bit smaller. 

My futures bet on Super Bowl 50:
5 Units on Denver Broncos +440 at Bovada, 3 Units on 
Arizona Cardinals +375 at 5Dimes

I like Denver's chances of winning Super Bowl 50 slightly more than I like Arizona's. Here's why:

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos have the experience. Even though they were dominated by the Seahawks in their last trip to the big game, that experience goes a long way and they will have learned from it. This is very well Peyton's last NFL football game. The emotional motivation is one of the strongest in professional sports. Yes, the Broncos are currently the biggest underdog of the four teams remaining. But once they get past New England they will most likely be listed as the favorites if they play Arizona in the Super Bowl if there are no major injuries suffered from this weekends' matchups. With my two futures wagers, Denver at +440 and Arizona at +375, it doesn't really matter who will win the Super Bowl. At +375, I still win 6.25 units if the Cardinals win Super Bowl 50 after subtracting my 5 unit loss on my Denver wager. But, at +440, I win 19 units if the Broncos win Super Bowl 50 after subtracting my 3 unit loss on my Arizona bet.

​Let's go Denver Broncos!
<![CDATA[Six Best Sportsbooks Online For 2016]]>Mon, 28 Dec 2015 16:11:32 GMThttp://betting411.com/sports-betting-articles/six-best-sportsbooks-online-for-2016Picture
Tried and Tested: The Best Online Sportsbooks for 2016

The best online sportsbooks keep changing over time as the requirements to be listed on the best sportsbooks keep going higher. Here is my list of the top rated online sportsbooks for the year 2016, where you can bet confidently as they are reputed, legit, safe and trustworthy. These online bookmakers have been tested and chosen on the basis of their reputation, effective withdrawals, easy depositing, consistent lines and brilliant customer service. Deposit bonuses are the last aspect to be considered when grading a sportsbook; though their current offers will be listed.


Bovada is in the top of the list as it is referred to by popular, highly trusted sources such as Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Fox Sports and other renowned media outlets. The Bovada Sportsbook is managed by a team which was earlier known as Bodog in the U.S. 

Bovada has a long, secure history of internet presence and people bet here as they can make easy deposits, make timely payouts without hassles and also because they offer live betting and mobile betting for numerous sporting events. What’s more? There are constant promotions for players to keep things spiced up and interesting. They also provide a casino and poker room to aid you in fixing up. If you join Bovada now, you get a 50% welcome bonus for deposits up to $250 and when you refer someone, you score a referral bonus of 200% in cash up to $100.

Click Here To Bet At Bovada Now


2nd Best Sportsbook For 2016 - GTbets
GTbets is also a relatively new sportsbook catering to U.S. players and is popular in the Internet as it offers the best bonuses for members. The sign up bonus is 100 percent cash up for deposit up to $250 and 50 percent cash up to $500. There are also Automated Reload bonuses on deposit of 5 percent to 30 percent and other attractive bonuses alike. 

This sportsbook is used by many as their approach to recreational wagering is straight forward and they are reliable and make timely payouts possible for members. It is also a bonus for players that they offer a wide range of payment options. Their customer service is seasoned and has an average eight years of industry experience. GTbets offers a variety of betting options for players in Horse Racing, Sports and Casino making it one of the best online betting sites. 

Click Here To Bet At GTbets Now


TopBet caters to U.S. players and is quite a popular online betting company though relatively new. This is mainly because TopBet has been innovative in their venture though they took ideas from what other sites were doing. This sportsbook is limited to online casino and sports betting and render excellent service on both arenas.

The best thing about the site is that things are very simple and they have chosen a very comprehensive design for their site and is optimized for mobile users. As a bonus they offer up to 50 percent on deposits up to $250 and a 10 percent bonus for future deposits. Money deposit has been made very easy as traditional methods like money wire and credits are used.

Click Here To Bet At TopBet Now


5Dimes has been long in the Internet catering unceasingly to U.S players and it still has the lowest price line today. The sportsbook offers player advantages like Reduced Juices and In-Game Betting which allows them to wager at their own pace on the things they want.

The team takes pride in their experienced and knowledgeable funding staff that is available to assist the players 24/7. They also offer attractive rewards and bonuses and make fair payouts.

The popular options available for players to bet include NFL Playoffs which comes with an extensive menu of wagering options and a wide range of unique props to select from. There are also NBA Betting Headquarters, Betting on Hockey and Online Bingo.

Click Here To Bet At 5Dimes Now


BetOnline has been online for a decade and has established as a reputable sportsbook. In contrast to other traditional sportsbook, BetOnline is open to members from all over the world and offer bonuses and promotions to loyal customers instead of new members with an aim to create a long term relationship with their players. This makes them stand out from the rest of the sites and provides an edge.

This betting site offers an online casino, sportsbook and poker. Placing wagers is easy as their site is easily navigable and user friendly and their customer service is polite and attentive to your needs. The site also features a live chat and an email support for the benefit of the players. Though their deposit bonus is not up to the percentage offered by other online betting sites, they offer a 25 percent bonus for all qualifying deposits for life. They do this with an intention to maintain a long term business and relationship with the players.

The site also has a good reputation for paying out their members on time and since the website is mobile friendly, players can access the site through mobile phones anytime and from anywhere.

Click Here To Bet At BetOnline Now


BookMaker is another online betting site offering promotions and bonuses of 50 percent for deposits up to $300 and 15 percent for deposits up to $2,500. The site offers a wide range of sports betting including Live Odds, Live Betting , $25,000 Streak Contest, Office Pools and other sporting events. They offer bets on almost all traditional sports like NHL, MLB, Tennis, Soccer, Horse Racing, Boxing and more. 

The customer support is efficient and experienced and the site also offers features like email support and Live chat. Money deposits are easy making the site attractive for players and players can make timely cash outs. 

Click Here To Bet At BookMaker Now
<![CDATA[Why DraftKings is Better Than FanDuel]]>Wed, 23 Dec 2015 19:22:38 GMThttp://betting411.com/sports-betting-articles/why-draftkings-is-better-than-fanduelDraftKings vs FanDuelFanDuel vs. DraftKings - Which is better?
Do you find yourself pondering an all-to-common question these days, "DraftKings or FanDuel?" You're not alone. But we are going to make it easier for you with this quick comparison of the two most popular fantasy sports betting websites.

DraftKings and FanDuel are the two top daily fantasy sports sites in the world based on the number of active participants and income. There are several reasons to have a preference and DraftKings tops FanDuel in all the significant factors that make the sites fun and profitable to the player.

DraftKings gives you three times the sign up bonus that FanDuel does. This is $600 to $200. You have to have a promo code but the difference in the amount of money you can start with is significant. DraftKings pays 33 percent higher bonuses than FanDuel across the board for all sports. More money is always good.

DraftKings does professional golf, MMA, eSports, NASCAR, and professional soccer. FanDuel does not. The idea is that if you are a fan of one of these sports then DraftKings allows you the opportunity to use your knowledge and expertise to make money on the sport you really love and follow.

The presentation platforms for both sites are essentially the same. The difference is that DraftKings has a maximum stake of $10,600 and FanDuel has a maximum of $26,500. You might think bigger is better but you are wrong.

If you transfer more than $10,600 regularly between accounts then you are subject to DEA, IRS, and NSA scrutiny as a potential drug dealer or tax evader. Paypal’s limit is the same as DraftKings. The fund transfer limit is also an advantage to players that live in other countries besides the United States.

DraftKings uses Playbook as a selection and research tool and FanDuel use their homegrown insider resource. Playbook has more information from more sources so you can put together a winner with more confidence in your research.

DraftKings has 86 percent more professional team sponsors, is supported by Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League, and has 33 percent more lounges at major sports venues. Convenience and support mean more money you can rely on getting when you win.

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Relationships also help DraftKings weather the recent attacks from Vegas sports betting while still lowering entry fees but keeping prize pools the same. You know the pros play and it does not hurt to have professional support. 

DraftKings manages the company’s money better than FanDuel. This means you can have more confidence in the company remaining solvent and paying you. DraftKings has also made better moves in adverting and advertising relationships that bring in revenue and new players. DraftKings opted for more net ads than television ads and reaped the benefit in more new clients.

DraftKings offers larger payouts on their special contests with guarantees. You can win four million for $20. FanDuel cannot match this.

FanDuel has been blocked from accepting any deposits from the state of New York while DraftKings can accept money from any state. If you live in New York you have only one choice and that is DraftKings.

Better connections, more savvy advertising, larger payouts, lower fees, and more sports make DraftKings a top choice over FanDuel. The money does make the difference. 

<![CDATA[Draftkings Wins Appeal in New York, Receives a Stay of Execution]]>Wed, 23 Dec 2015 18:48:20 GMThttp://betting411.com/sports-betting-articles/draftkings-wins-appeal-in-new-york-receives-a-stay-of-executionPicture
Thanks to a court decision, the popular daily fantasy gaming site DraftKings was able to avoid a shutdown, but the company's long term future in the New York marketplace is far from certain. 

An Appellate Division judge decided to allow the company to continue running in the Empire State, which temporarily froze a previous shutdown order from a judge in a lower court of law. 

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DraftKings' attorneys were quick to claim victory and believe that they have struck a significant blow for remaining in business over the long haul. FanDuel, who serves as DraftKings' primary rival in the daily fantasy business, will also allow New York customers to enter their contests as a result of the rulings.

The reprieve remains in effect until January 4. DraftKings is hopeful that this stay of execution will give them the chance to soothe the growing discontent among the financial firms that support them. However, the fears of daily fantasy players who sense that legal momentum is mounting against their preferred form of gaming.

Players all over New York are beginning to remove their monies from daily fantasy site, in preparation for what they believe is the inevitable. It is believed that daily fantasy players from all corners of the United States are also in the process of pulling their money out, as well.

For DraftKings supporters, the most troubling development of the day took place when a lower court judge named Judge Manual Mendez made a controversial ruling. Mendez ruled that it was likely for a court of law to decide that DraftKings was a prohibited form of gambling.

Mendez' ruling stated that the balance of interests was much more favorable to the state of New York. The state of New York has a vested interest in protecting the general public, especially those who are struggling with gambling addictions.

Mendez also systematically tore apart every one of the defenses that were trotted out by the DraftKings defense team. Instead of accepting their defense that the games were skill based and that customers' bets were simply "charges", Mendez pointed out that DraftKings customers were still risking "something of value".

According to DraftKings, being closed out of the sizable New York marketplace would be devastating to their business. A final decision regarding the fate of daily fantasy gaming sites is not expected for several months and on January 4, a panel of judges will decide whether the shutdown order goes into full effect.

DraftKings employs about 250 people in Boston alone and claims have paid out over $1 billion in prizes over the past year. Companies like DraftKings keep roughly 10 percent of the revenue that they generate, while paying out the rest of the money in the form of prizes. 

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<![CDATA[Tampa Bay Buccaneers at St Louis Rams: Free Thursday Night Football Pick]]>Wed, 16 Dec 2015 16:56:48 GMThttp://betting411.com/sports-betting-articles/tampa-bay-buccaneers-at-st-louis-rams-free-thursday-night-football-pickPictureFree Thursday Night Football Pick
When I look at Thursday Night's football matchup between the Bucs and the Rams, the first thing that stands out is the sensational rookie faceoff between Jameis Winston and Todd Gurley. Winston, the number one overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft has outperformed expectations, tallying 3,059 passing yards through just 13 games while stacking up 18 touchdown passes to just 11 interceptions. Meanwhile, Gurley is just 15 yards shy of a 1,000 yards while playing in only 11 games. Gurley, who was drafted 10th overall by the Rams in the 2015 draft, has also lost only one fumble through the entire season thus far.

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It would be easy to side with the Rams in this one. After all, they are 4-3 at the Edward Jones Dome, while Tampa Bay is just .500 on the road with a 3-3 mark. Plus gamblers often have limited memories that often dictate where they place their money, and last week the Buccaneers got man-handled at home by the New Orleans Saints - losing by a touchdown as a 6 point chalk. That same Sunday, Gurley and the Rams rolled over the visiting Detroit Lions as a 3 point dog. The Georgia Bull Dog product produced two TD's on 140 yards on the ground while averaging 8.8 YPC. While Gurley is on the official injury list for this contest, most reports indicate it's just a minor knee injury and he will be starting.

On the other hand it's important to note that, despite a 6-7 overall record, the Bucs are 7-6 ATS and have only lost back-to-back games one time this season. That loss is easy to overlook as it was to the surprisingly ever-strengthening Carolina Panthers. Plus, while Gurley may be reaching the headlines, Tampa Bay's Doug Martin is currently the 2nd leading rusher in the NFL with 1,214 yards. They may be inclined to give him a heavy work load in this game against a Rams Defense that is allowing 115.9 yards rushing per game this season to opposing offenses. One more factor that should influence Tampa Bay to utilize the rushing game more frequently on Thursday is that St Louis has a decent passing defense, including a pass rush that averages 3.7 sacks per game on their home turf.

After assessing the injuries on both sides of the ball, past lines, opponents played, location factor and motivational factors, this line seems to be absolutely correct at Tampa Bay +2.5 / St Louis -2.5 according to 5Dimes' Oddsmakers. However, the low total of 41.5 at some sportsbooks actually seems a bit high for this event. Both teams are playing on short weeks. Both teams are fighting through lengthy injury lists, as is to be expected around this time of the season. And, both teams will also most likely rely heavily on the running game. As I mentioned before, there are a few key reasons for the Buccaneers to run more than they pass but if you weren't already aware of this, St Louis ranks dead last at passing the football - averaging a mere 173 YPG through the air.

History between these two teams indicates a low scoring affair as well. Last year, the Rams and the Bucs played in Tampa Bay on September 14th and stayed under the posted total of 37.5 in a 19-17 St Louis win. In fact, these two teams have played each other eight times since 2001 and have only once have they combined to produce more than tonight's posted total. They've also stayed under the total in their last 5 games against each other. Considering the fact that it's late in the season, and they are both playing on short weeks, there's no doubt in my mind that they'll also stay under the total on Thursday Night.

The under is 8-3 in Tampa Bay's last 8 games on the road, and 4-1 in their last 5 overall. They've also hit the under in 10 of their last 13 games against losing teams, and in 12 of their last 15 games after a loss. Meanwhile, the under is 5-1 in St Louis' last 6 contest vs losing teams, and a perfect 6-0 after a victory. They've hit the under in their last 4 games overall. 

I don't usually follow the trends, but this game indicates another low-scoring affair. I'm betting on the under (41.5 at Bovada Sportsbook).

<![CDATA[Are The Thunder A Contender In The Western Conference This Year?]]>Fri, 30 Oct 2015 12:14:18 GMThttp://betting411.com/sports-betting-articles/are-the-thunder-a-contender-in-the-western-conference-this-yearPictureKevin Durant, 2014-2015 NBA MVP
How quickly they forget. Only one season ago Kevin Durant beat out Lebron James to win most valuable player in the league in a season where Durant lead the league in scoring with a astounding 32 point average also contributing to the Thunder 7.4 boards a game and 5.5 assists. The votes had Durant as MVP by a landslide with 1232 votes with Lebron James falling short by 341 votes. Let's not forget the Robin to Durant's Batman in Russell Westbrook, one of the league's most explosive players last season who lead the league in triple doubles at a whopping 11 triple doubles; 4 of them coming consecutively. Russell Westbrook played with a fire and passion that few in the league have shown, simply willing his way to 28 points 7 assists and 7 rebounds with sheer force and determination.

                Even with Russell Westbrook playing at MVP level the injuries that plagued Kevin Durant last season were too much to overcome as the shorthanded Thunder could not put their best talent on the floor. The Thunder literally almost ran out of players in a game last season with Durant, Westbrook, Anthony Morrow, Andre Roberson, Jeremy Lamb, and Perry Jones all out with various injuries. Serge Ibaka was not immune to the injury plague that swarmed the Oklahoma City Thunder suffering a knee injury that required surgery, putting him on the bench for the remainder of the season.

               After with standing  last season's injury plagued nightmare there is title chasing hope in OKC as they signed early 6th man favorite Enes Kanter the 6-11 power forward/center combo is a versatile big man that can score in nearly every way possible. Kanter adds a huge scoring threat to the Thunders offense, especially in new head coach Billy Donovan's pick and roll heavy offense where he will be lethal having the ability to take mid range pick and pop jumpers and finishing in the paint with guard Russell Westbrook. Though the team's defensive efficiency takes a hit when Kanter is on the floor OKC has elite rim protection in Serge Ibaka and multiple more than capable defensive players in Durant, Westbrook, Steven Adams and Andre Roberson. The team is simply loaded with studs at both ends of the floor.

                Along with the additions of Kanter and rookie Cameron Payne the Thunder fired former head coach Scott Brooks and hired Florida Gators standout coach Billy Donovan. The key coaching skill set that Billy Donovan looks to bring to the Thunder is spacing and ball movement. Under Scott Brooks last season the Thunder ranked 25th in the league in baskets made off assists. This was a result of Westbrook's play style, a ball dominant playmaking explosive scorer. While the Thunder have been solid offensively, never finishing lower than 11th in the last 5 seasons it was in the fourth quarter of the game when the offense suffered the most coming in at 29th in the league in baskets scored off assists. With scoring threats like 3 time scoring champ Kevin Durant, triple double machine Russell Westbrook, versatile scoring big man Enes Kanter, Billy Donovan should have no problems implementing his space and pace offense.

               Just by having the former league's most valuable player Kevin Durant and defensive juggernaut Serge Ibaka returning the Thunder are a guaranteed top 5 seed in the incredibly deep and competitive Western conference. Bovada may have the Thunders sports betting odds to win a championship title at 15/2 because of the loaded and deep Western Conference or simply because we've missed out on a healthy Oklahoma City Thunder team in the past few seasons but with the return of a healthy Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook the Thunder will always be in the mix when it comes to being on top of the Western Conference and will look to reiterate and solidify their elite place among the NBA's best teams.

Thanks for reading! For more information about Bovada or their NBA Future Odds, see our Bovada Review.

<![CDATA[Kansas City Chiefs @ Green Bay Packers Pick]]>Sun, 27 Sep 2015 13:33:41 GMThttp://betting411.com/sports-betting-articles/kansas-city-chiefs-green-bay-packers-pickAfter “fumbling” away the opportunity to beat the Denver Broncos in Week 2, the Kansas City Chiefs will go against another Super Bowl contender this week, as they travel to Wisconsin to face the Green Bay Packers, at Lambeau Field, on Monday Night Football.
Kansas City Chiefs (1-1)

The Chiefs have only themselves to blame for their 31-24 loss against the Broncos. Three fumbles, with two of those coming from one of the best running backs in the NFL, Jamaal Charles, two interceptions, nine penalties for 60 yards and five sacks allowed, is the final record of a game that actually started quite well. QB Alex Smith is completing 65.5 percent of his throws for 434 yards, three scores and two interceptions. The ground game is averaging 122.0 yards per game (11th in the league) and we should expect the Chiefs to rely heavily on the run game against the Packers. Defensively, Kansas City has one of the strongest units in the NFL, and they’re particularly effective in rushing the passer (7.0 sacks, T-4th in the league) and stopping the run (79.5 yards per game, 8th in the league).

Green Bay Packers (2-0)

With another convincing performance, on all phases of the game, the Green Bay Packers defeated the two-time NFC champions Seattle Seahawks 27-17 in Week 2. Offensively, the Packers has been outstanding, with QB Aaron Rodgers putting one outstanding performance after another and WR James Jones very effectively filling in WR Jordy Nelson’s shoes. Rodgers is completing 76.8 percent of his passes for 438 yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions, and a 128.4 QB rating. He hasn’t thrown an interception in his last four games, and at home, Rodgers hasn’t thrown a pick in his last 17 games (512 pass attempts, 41 TDs)! Defensively, against the Seahawks, Green Bay did a much better job of containing RB Marshawn Lynch and the run game, possibly laying out a blueprint for success against RB Jamaal Charles, and at the same time kept the big plays through the air under control.

Facing the best quarterback and the best team in the National Football League is never an easy assignment, especially away from home and coming from a heartbreaking loss. If they can successfully run the ball, keep their mistakes to a minimum and Aaron Rodgers on the sidelines, they have a real shot at this one. Also, if Kansas City sack duo OLBs Tamba Hali and Justin Houston can get consistent pressure and get to Aaron Rodgers, then the Chiefs chances increase. But if Rodgers and the Packers are allowed to play to the best of their abilities, then there’s no stopping Green Bay from going 3-0.

Recent Betting Trends

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Public Betting Percentage

Kansas City Chiefs
Against The Spread 29%
Straight Up 36%
Green Bay Packers
Against The Spread 71% 
Straight Up 64% 
Over The Total 69%
Under The Total 31% 


Kansas City Chiefs +7 (at Topbet Sportsbook)

The Chiefs have one of the best defenses in the NFL. If they lose, it most likely won't be by more than 4. They also tend to perform well on Monday Night Football, cashing in 5 times in their last 6 games. The Packers tend to underperform on Monday Night Football as they're just 1-4 ATS in their last 5 MNF games. Also, the underdog is a perfect 4-0 in the last 4 meetings between these teams. I fully expect a thriller in Cheeseland tonight, going all the way to the wire to decide a winner. I'll gladly take the points.
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